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Fios no Fois

Evie Waddell

Tha an t-òran seo a sgrìobh Evie mu dheidhinn a bhith bodhar ann an aon cluais. Mo shealladh.

‘Fios no Fois’ is a self-penned Gaelic song written as an exploration of Evie’s personal experience of sound. The piece was created as part of a creative exploration of elements such as distortion, the significance or vibration, register and technological engineering of penetrating sounds/instruments. The song and accompanying choreography and BSL also capture some of the confusions of deaf experience as well as the defiance to express oneself. ‘Fios no Fois’ does not translate well: “Information or Relaxation”, describing the choices a deaf person often has, either straining constantly to hear what is being said, or choosing not to and gaining more relaxation). It is also a call to political action/advocacy/awareness.

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