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Lhiannan Shee

Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, Eilean Mhanainn

Ghaelgagh Primary School, Isle of Man

Tha fear a’ coiseachd dhachaigh. Tha leannan-sìthe a’ cur stad air. Bidh i a’ fàgail ciste òir fo phreas-eich. Tha e air a bhuaireadh. An oidhche sin chuir i dragh air a chodal. Tha e a’ co-dhùnadh pòsadh. An e sin deireadh a thrioblaidean?

A man is walking home from work when he has an encounter with the Lhiannan Shee. She leaves a chest beneath a gorse bush and he is tempted to look inside. Gold! However, from that day on his sleep is disturbed by nightly visitations. He decides that he’ll have to marry, and once he’s proved to Illiam y Christeen that he is now a rich man, he is allowed to marry his daughter Joney. Will this be the end of his troubles with the Lhiannan Shee? Sadly no-he should never have been tempted by the fairy gold!

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