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If you’ve just left school and are looking for something fun to do, why not make a film or write a script? It doesn’t matter what level of experience you have, we’re sure we have a category that will suit you! With prizes from £100 to £1,000, it would be daft not to have a go!

If you’ve never made a film or written a script before, we know it can be daunting. Especially where you don’t know where to start! If you feel like this, don’t be shy – make sure you let us know. We can help you with all sorts of things, for example with Gaelic in the script or advice with editing. And don’t forget, there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Here you can find all the information you need to make a film and to submit it to this year’s competition. And you can also check here that it is being submitted to the correct category. If you don’t think this is the page for you, take a look at our other competitions.


Below are a couple of previous shortlisted/winners.

Seònaid-Shannon NicIlleathain

Brochan Lom-Hammy Sgìth

Best Film

This award will be for the best overall film in the adult category. We are looking for a film in any genre which is imaginative, original, engaging and entertaining. Strong stories and scripts are the foundation of a good film, so we’ll be particularly interested in this as well as how the overall film comes together and connects with the audience.

Prize: £1,000 towards equipment or training:

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to individual filmmakers.

  • Open to students and community groups.

  • Entrants must NOT have a broadcast credit as a director or producer.

Film Dùthchais

Heritage, culture, landscape, nature, wildlife, the natural world… The connection that exists between the Gaelic language and the natural world can often seem tangible, from crofters and fishermen who have an intimate working knowledge of their environment and are guardians of it, to the animals, birds and flowers whose names often have their own distinctive Gaelic interpretations.

We are looking for Gaelic documentaries that explore in new, exciting and challenging ways the intricate relationships and themes between people and their environment.

Prize: £1,000 towards equipment or training.

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to students and community groups.

  • Also open to individual filmmakers who do not have a broadcast credit as a director or producer.

Best Performance

FilmG are always looking to uncover new on-screen talent and recognise exceptional performances. This award will be given to the individual that delivers their role convincingly, naturally and consistently throughout the film.

Prize: £200 towards equipment or training.

Entry Requirements:

  • All performances in the adult category will be considered, though precedence will be given to performers without a professional acting credit.

  • Must have a Gaelic speaking role in their film.

Best Short Short (Open)

(Winner announced on social media)
FilmG is looking for the next generation of fantastic content creators. We want to see the best short film up to 60 seconds in length. Whether it be suitable for TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube, we want to see your best effort.

Prize: £250

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to all entrants aged 18+.

  • Films must be a minute or less in length.
  • Video must not include 3rd party copyrighted content.

Best New filmmaker

You may not have had the chance to make a film before but now is time to try it! This award will go to the individual that shows the most potential as a first-time entrant to the competition.

Prize: £500 towards equipment or training.

Entry Requirements:

  • Entrants should be first time entrants to the competition as a director or filmmaker (previous appearances as an actor or crew are acceptable.)
  • It should also be the first time that entrants have submitted films to the adult category.
  • Students on filmmaking or related media courses are not eligible for this award.

Best Script

To develop a strong culture of writing and content creation, we have a call for scripts from Gaelic writers. The scripts can be in any genre and should either be associated with a film entered into this year’s competition or have the potential to be developed into a future short film.

Prize: £300 towards equipment or training.

Entry Requirements:

  • Must be an original Gaelic script.

  • No translations will be accepted.
  • Open to all entrants aged 18+ regardless of broadcast credit status.

People’s Choice Prize (Open)

The coveted People’s Choice Prize has seen filmmakers organising great social media campaigns. The film with most votes will win, so voting is key!

Prize: £100.

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to ALL OPEN entries.

Best Student Film

The film by an individual or group of students that is original, convincing, engaging and of a good production quality. We are looking for good stories, strong performances and good use of Gaelic in any genre.

Prize: £1,000 towards equipment or training

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to all students enrolled in the 2021/2022 academic year

  • Can be studying any Higher Education full or part-time course

Best Director

“All good ideas start out as bad ideas, that’s why it takes so long.” – Steven Spielberg

Directors are the decision makers. We want to reward brave direction and decision making in the films. We want to reward creativity and potential.

To choose the winner, we’ll be looking at the elements the director has most control over during the filming process, including actor/contributor performances, cinematography, production values and the overall tone of the film.

Prize: £1,000 towards equipment or training.

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to all entrants in the open category.

  • Those with a broadcast credit as a producer or director will not be considered for this award.


Completely lost on where to start? Need a bit of encouragement? Why don’t you check out our YouTube channel where you can find all the films from previous years (Yes, ALL of them!) and hopefully you can pick up an idea or two!


If you are interested in submitting a film or a script into this year’s competition then you’ll find all the information you need on this page HERE




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